department of lost things

What did you lose? How did you lose it? What did it look like? How did it make you feel? Where did you last see it?

Was it a favorite sweater? A special marble? A sentimental piece of jewelry?

At the Department of Lost Things we collect all of the things you have lost, everything except people and pets.

Please send a short description of your item, along with any details about it’s backstory and the context in which is was lost (less than 100 words please). Was it stolen? Did you leave it somewhere? Was it your own fault? Feel free to include a photo or drawing of the item.

Stories about items will be accepted on an ongoing basis and made into short comics and turned into a new collection of mini comics. By submitting something, you agreeing that it will be illustrated and possibly edited for use in this project and potentially elsewhere.

Contributors will, of course, receive a copy.